1. Nagi no Asukara Episode 16 Reaction

    - Hellooo there, kakkoi Hikari! Is it just me or is Hikari getting handsomer (not pretty) as the second season goes by?

    - Tsumugu is sneaky! He’s making Hikari wear his clothes! We know how men and giving/wearing clothes to their lover shows possessiveness and also turns them on.

    - Damn you, Akari! He’s fine with wearing Tsumugu’s clothes! Don’t force him to buy a new uniform! You’re making Tsumugu’s seducing efforts go to waste!

    - That’s right, Hikari! You don’t need any new uniform! Tsumugu’s will work just fine~ Doujins about Tsumugu x Hikari’s sexy times with school uniforms when?

    - Sayama is a fucking bro! I didn’t expect that I’ll like him this much post-timeskip. Don’t make me ship you with Hikari!

    - So Nagiasu, are you implying that girls in-love tend to be self-absorbed compared to boys? This is why shotas »»»> lolis is a fact.

    - This is the reason why I like Manaka best among the female cast. Despite being “in-love” (puppy love) with Tsumugu, she didn’t deliberately hurt other people. What Miuna did in this episode and what Chisaki did last episode is a fucking low blow to the guys who liked them.

    - Dunno if Miuna swimming is true or just a hallucination. Guess, we’ll know next ep.

    - Why, hello there buttnaked Kaname. You sure know how to make an entrance. After seeing Kaname in his birthday suit, a new ship is born~ oldmanpervert!Sayama x buttnakedshota!Kaname new OTP!


  2. Buddy Complex Episode 03 Reaction

    - The Coupling System incorporates the soulmate concept where two individuals, due to their compatibility and harmoniy (in this case, sharing their full potential), gradually transform into better persons (in this case, mecha). I can dig this.

    - Aoba exhibits the sportsman trope - falling asleep due to boredom (or if a brain is required to use) even if it’s important.

    - “I’ll say your name everytime even if you don’t like it." Is it because you like saying his name, Aoba? Or is it just how you get people to notice you when the other person does his best to ignore your existence?

    - If the commander had his way, you won’t have your own room Aoba because you’ll be rooming with Dio just to aggreviate him more.

    - You sound so reluctant, Dio. I’m sure Aoba will get better in your coupling soon so you won’t have to do everything yourself… That sounds so lewd. :D

    - I can’t still get over the fact that everytime they do the ‘coupling’, a bunch of people get happy/excited over it.

    - The Zogilla soldiers are very driven and ‘patriotic’ to the point that they can be considered as ‘suicide soldiers’ but at least they care for each other. It’s a nice touch that their immediate officer (Alfred Gallant) actually cares about the men under him. I’m not too sure about the woman though who I think is their unit’s/ship commander.

    - Your so cute, Aoba. You sound so happy that Dio trusted you enough to leave you alone with somebody and to do your job right. Too bad you fucked it up so bad.

    - Man, the whole deal about the forced decoupling… Is Sunrise telling us that thinking about someone else while in the middle of coupling will not only result in your partner’s pain but yours as well? Heck, you’ll be shot at too!

    - Whelp! If Marcus is really the one in the end card with Dio, then Aoba really need to step it up and work hard since he’s not Dio’s type at all.

  3. fuicchi:


    god dammit tokishima haruto!

    this is healing

    then I weep again


  4. Nagi no Asukara Episode 15 Reaction

    - Hikari was very endearing (as expected of his age) and very mature (for his age) in this episode.

    - I’m indifferent with all the girls in this serie; the only ones I gave a damn about is Manaka and Akari. Although I have a feeling that Chisaki will turn out to be the kind of girls/women I tend to dislike.

    - Akari has grown up into a fine young mother. I look forward to seeing Manaka but I won’t keep my hopes up since she doesn’t appear to be alive in the ED.

    - Tsumugu has a thing for emotionally vulnerable people. Coupled with his fascination to fish people and living in close proximity, it’s no wonder why he became attached to Chisaki. I like his expression when Hikari poured out his frustrations to him. This is the first time he saw Hikari’s vulnerability since he was mostly subjected to Hikari’s animosity/rivalry vibes and outgoing personality.

    - I’m still hoping for homo end especially now that there’s an age gap. Or at the very least, more interactions between Hikari and Tsumugu. I like younger guys topping older guys. :3

    - When will Kaname appear?


  5. Buddy Complex Ep 02 Reaction

    - The commander is the captain of the Aoba x Dio ship.

    - “Coupling”, “first proposal”, “connect with Dio”, “accepting (the proposal)” the doujins/fanfics practically writes itself.

    - The questions is, will the ‘final proposal’ leads to ‘marriage/honeymoon’ and will their mechs gattai as a result?

    - Seems like Aoba gets ‘knowledge’ from Dio and Dio gets ‘strong feelings’ from Aoba.

    - Aww, Aoba was disappointed that Hina lied to him. His destiny wasn’t waiting for him at all! Don’t worry, Aoba! Dio will come around soon. He just lost his fiance buddy and you had a bad timing of proposing to him out of nowhere.

    - So Aoba’s mech “Luxon” is the male half and Dio’s mech “Brandyon” is the female half because Aoba needed to be the one to do the ‘proposing’ and Dio can only accept and end the coupling. Not to mention the color of their mechs; since the color blue is associated to boys and red/pink to girls.